Core Funds for Syrian Feminist Organisations.

About the call:

WILPF seeks to preserve and grow the grassroots nonviolent movement for equality, freedom and justice in Syria. To this end, we are supporting civil society efforts towards a peaceful and just solution to the conflict, premised on respect for and attainment of human rights, women’s rights and women’s meaningful participation in all aspects of life. WILPF is committed to a rights-based approach to furthering the agenda for feminist peace in Syria. Support for feminist movement building by Syrian civil society is one of three parallel streams through which we work to achieve this objective.

This initiative, “Feminist Movement for Change in Syria”, will support Syrian civil society organisations to further their feminist agendas, develop sustainable and effective structures, and strengthen networks for collective growth. The initiative will provide a combination of core funding and technical support to Syrian organisations with feminist values.

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Deadline: Sunday 18 February, 2018.