Support WILPF Afghanistan’s Call for a Coherent Peace Process!


Afghans are being exposed to an increasing level of conflict, violence, and instability. Within the context of a third wave of Covid-19, escalating conflict across the country, drought, the ever increasing rate of violence by the Taliban, and the US/NATO withdrawal, humanitarian crisis assistance is sorely needed to support and protect civilians.

WILPF Afghanistan sent a letter to the UN Security Council (UNSC) requesting that immediate actions be taken to support peace and security in Afghanistan. It is urgent that the UNSC fulfills its Charter-mandated obligations, and that nations agree on a way forward for the implementation of a lasting peace in Afghanistan and guarantees of security for all.

Join our call for Peace and Security in Afghanistan!

Read and share WILPF Afghanistan’s letter to the UNSC among your contacts.

We call on the UNSC to:

  • Coordinate the various initiatives being undertaken in third countries relating to Afghanistan and the Afghan peace process;
  • Guarantee a ceasefire and an effective peace process;
  • Ensure that the resolutions relating to Women, Peace and Security (WPS) are fully incorporated and implemented in all peace and security work in Afghanistan;
  • Protect and support civilians;
  • Inform the renewal of the mandate of UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) and ensure it includes specific language referencing the UNSC resolutions on WPS

Download our action toolkit

On the occasion of this campaign, and with a purpose to make our voices even more impactful, we have created a toolkit. Facilitating access to our content and the promotion of our campaign will ensure a better success and will allow our concerns and demands to be better heard. Join us!

This toolkit has been designed to help you: 

  • Easily share and promote this important campaign through email, social media, and any other communication channels available to you.
  • Speak out to support peace and human rights in Afghanistan.
  • Amplify the voices and perspectives of Afghan feminist activists and peacebuilders.

How you can participate

I’m an individual

As an individual, you can share the social media designs and promote the initiative on social media networks. We recommend using our visuals and hashtag for a more cohesive campaign – #CoherenceNotChaos!

I’m a WILPF Section

As a valued Section, you have an important role to play in sharing and promoting campaigns for peace and women’s rights. Please, make sure to share widely the letter from our sisters in WILPF Afghanistan and show support on your communication channels. Solidarity from our Sections is vital for this campaign.

I’m an INGO

As an INGO you have a key role in spreading the word about this campaign and calling on those who can, and must, take action for our Afghan sisters. In addition to sharing the letter you can also co-sign it, see below!