September was a critical month for the mobilisation of climate justice advocacy worldwide. WILPF is urgently calling for action to demand that governments maintain their commitments.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets for the Climate March and other activities during 2014 Climate Week, both in New York and across the world. The March was led by Indigenous Peoples, but included members from all parts of society. All called for the protection of “Mother Earth”, for a shift in global development patterns, for immediate actions to reduce global temperatures, and to cut fossil fuel exploration and investments.

At the UN Climate Summit, held on 24 September, several states announced new targets to cut emissions and become fossil fuel-free.

While these political declarations are certainly a positive indicator that states are more seriously prioritising climate justice, our work does not stop there. An urgent step is to be taken during the upcoming European Council meeting in Brussels 23-24 October 2014, when “the European Council will take a final decision on the new climate and energy policy framework”.

Read the call to action by Beatriz Schulthess, UN Representative for WILPF, to know how you can help and spread the word among your network.