The 63rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women is underway!

WILPF International, alongside our delegation of peace activists from Ghana, Ukraine, Japan, Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Lebanon, Australia, Germany and elsewhere, is excited to participate in a global discussion on the future of the social protection systems and sustainable infrastructure.

At WILPF’s main event on Tuesday, “Linking Feminist Sustainable Peace, Sustainable Development, and Postwar Infrastructure Reconstruction”, activists affirmed the importance of designing political and economic systems for gender equality and peace.

Here are some quotes from the discussion:

“We cannot just forget about conflict. It is essential to build peace and disarm violence.”

“Post-war and post-disaster infrastructure reconstruction can be a space to transform gender relations and economies to be environmentally sustainable and built for peace. However, infrastructure is not currently designed in this way.”

“In India, women’s empowerment has been about giving cooking gas, so we can cook more. This is a farcical way of improving women’s lives. We have to follow the money. How do we do it when men own 99% of the earth?”

“In Rwanda, the women’s movement has really demanded that the government support the request of the people. When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank bring money,  it is up to the government to say, ‘We refuse your conditions. We have our commitments. It is up to you to align with what we want.’”

“Infrastructure is a link for the community. It is the entry point for preventing conflict and building sustainable peace.”

As women human rights defenders and peace activists mobilise around social protection, WILPF reminds the international community that we need to design social, economic, and security systems based on local women’s lives. The time is now to #MoveTheMoney from war to gender justice and feminist peace.

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You can strengthen awareness, solidarity and action by using the following hashtags: #MoveTheMoney and #KoreaPeaceNow

Raise your voice: This is the time to pressure the UN and Member States for more action on the systemic transformation towards #FeministPeace!