“Gender equality and the inclusion of women in matters international peace and security is not just an aspirational goal, it is a legal obligation and policy commitment of the US government and it is proven to build better, more lasting solutions.” – Abigail Disney and Gini Reticker, Peace Is Loud

For one hundred years, WILPF has fought for and supported issues of women, peace, and security all across the globe. It is WILPF’s unshakeable belief that peace cannot exist without the involvement of women. As it stands in the United States, women represent only nine per cent of voices at the peace table. This changes today. Join us in our support of Peace Is Loud’s petition.

The problem:

At the first-ever White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in February 2015, women’s issues were unrepresented and their voices were absent completely. Despite the Obama administration implementing a national action plan in 2011 to promote women’s roles in conflict prevention, no changes have been made.

The solution:

Ensure women are part of the discussion and active in the decision-making process. This all starts with women having a seat at the table in the first place.

It's time to re-set the peace table

The petition: Ensure Women Peacebuilders Have a Seat at the Table

Directed at: United States Secretary of State John Kerry

What will the petition do?

The petition will demand the Obama administration honour its commitment to the full and meaningful participation of women in matters of international peace and security.

How will the petition achieve this?

  • By inviting key women peacebuilders to contribute and set the agenda for the CVE Summit this Fall, and for future White House CVE strategies
  • By inviting key women peacebuilders, who are countering violent extremism in their home countries, to present testimonials, research, and recommendations to senior leadership at the Summit
  • By scheduling regular consultations during the Summit between senior White House leaders, Federal Agencies, the US Civil Society Working Group, and key women leaders countering violent extremism

Take action. Ensure women have a voice. Sign the petition today.

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