Women Organising for Change

The Women Organising for Change initiative aims to establish space for female dialogue. Though the initiative began as a cooperation between Syrian and Bosnian activists, it has since grown to include the exchange of experience with women activists from Ukraine, Iraq and Northern Ireland, making it an integral part of the WILPF Crisis Response Programme.

Since 2013, women, as part of the Women Organising for Change initiative has looked at the consequences of the Dayton Peace Accord, searching for ways to (re)interpret the agreement.

Local and international women activists from various disciplines gathered to discuss possible ways to (re)interpret the DPA.Bosnia and Herzegovina is evidence of a peace agreement that was unable to successfully transition from war to real peace, including a demilitarised society.

The experiences of the Bosnian society with respect to peace negotiations; the peace agreement itself and the subsequent implementation of it; as well as other reforms intended to transition the society from war to peace are valuable experiences to compare with other contexts.

Through this comparison we can pursue mechanisms to create peace founded in social justice, environmental awareness, human rights, demilitarisation, and gender equality.

The workshop, “Way Forward” was organised with the aim of providing information and support on how to act against nationalist politics of division. The workshop examined the external and internal environments in which women’s non-government organisations and individuals act, and options for actions. The workshop presented another space for Syrian and Bosnian women to come together and share their experiences.