The Iraqi delegation has concluded that ‘militarism is not a solution to maintain peace and security’. Iraq has recommended a few points that include eliminating marginalisation of women, and implementing SRC 1325. There also needs to be a ‘genuine’ partnership between women and men to build peace and security. 

“This is to all the women of the world, may every year find them in well-being and may they all be blessed with justice, security, and peace.

Following ten years of violence in Iraq, we have all come to the conclusion that militarism is not a solution to maintain peace and security.

What we Believe

We believe that, to find a way out of the continuous series of political crisis in Iraq, there should be a gender-balance in all institutions of the country.

We also believe that men and women should be equal at the negotiating table. Women are builders of peace; we therefore cannot bring peace in any context without the inclusion of women.

Elimination of Marginalisation of Women in Iraq

Therefore, it is vital that we eliminate marginalisation and exclusion of women in all aspects of the political process especially in peace and security talks.

The time has come to begin a national strategy in which Security Council Resolution 1325 is fully implemented in Iraq. It is unjust to have only one female minister in the current transitional government; a minister without a portfolio.

Here we are today to say that: NO to Militarist Resolutions, NO to Armament, and NO to Exclusion of Women. And….

YES to a genuine partnership between men and women to build peace and security; not only in Iraq but in the rest of the world.”