Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Brutality Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Brutality
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Crisis Response

WILPF’s Crisis Response Programme supports women in conflict-affected countries in their efforts to organise, strategise, and influence. The Programme strengthens engagement with international actors and supports knowledge exchange between women-led local civil society.

In conflict-affected countries, preserving human rights and especially women’s rights remains a massive challenge. Women’s participation in decision-making and peace-building processes is essential.

We believe that the sustenance and development of local and regional feminist spaces and agendas are essential to the promotion of a gender-sensitive approach. It helps in the process of conflict resolution, peacebuilding and sustainable post-conflict transitions. WILPF facilitates cross-learning and collaboration through both face-to-face meetings and activities. This ensures an ongoing development of peace activists’ expertise and enhances solidarity within and between feminist movements.

WILPF creatively brings together women’s rights activists and organisations to work for peace by non-violent means and promote political, economic and social justice through cross-conflict learning, advocacy and producing a joint analysis of conflict. All our projects work with partners and members to build national and regional consensus around the vital necessity that the needs and interests of women are integral to peace agreements, including through transitional justice.

“Local women and women’s groups must be at the centre of conflict prevention efforts because they have the analysis, the knowledge and the capacity to do so.”

What We Do

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Build Sustainable Peace

Nigeria: Ensure Democratic Elections

Ukraine: Strengthen women’s role in local peace efforts

Middle East North Africa: Uphold women’s rights and gender justice

Korea Peace Now

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