Today we received one of those emails you never want to open. The email contained the message that one of our very active members in WILPF Democratic Republic of Congo (WILPF DRC) has passed away. We received the following message from the Voices of African Women, which is part of WILPF United Kingdom (WILPF UK).

Dear all,

This is just to inform you that Drocele Mugomoka has passed away.

Some of you will have met Drocele. She was a member of WILPF DRC, who came to the United Kingdom in 2009. For her visit, WILPF UK mobilised funds and organised various events, to lobby the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh and the UK parliament in London, about the tragic humanitarian situation of women particularly, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Drocele and some Congolese women members of WILPF UK travelled to Scotland and stayed with Helen Kay.

Drocele had done tremendous amounts of work to mobilise over 100 women leaders during the first ever WILPF meeting in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She continued to support the expansion of the vision/campaigns of WILPF International, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in Bukavu and Goma.

She was an active Congolese woman with great courage and optimism, despite the hardship, poverty and armed conflict that has  characterised the Democratic Republic of Congofor the past 18 years.

Drocele was always joyful and campaigned for peace and unity.

She was a fervent campaigner on disarmament, particularly that of small arms.

Drocele will be sorely missed among her colleagues in the civil society movement in the DRC. May her soul rest in peace.

In peace and solidarity,

Marie-Claire Faray

Member of the WILPF UK and COMMON CAUSE UK (platform of Congolese women in the UK)