Hajer Sharief, the co-founder of WILPF’s national partner in Libya ‘Together We build It’ organisation and an expert for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security as mandated by Security Council resolution 2250, was invited to provide a civil society perspective and recommendations when the Security Council met to discuss the situation in Libya on January 17th, 2018.

‘Together We Build It’ created the Libyan 1325 Network working in different parts of the country, to provide women and youth with a platform for self-development on fields related to human security, countering and prevention of violence extremism. The unique and dedicated peacebuilding work that ‘Together We Build It’ have conducted over the past years as a civil society organisation has inspired many women and youth to become active in promoting peace in Libya.

Building on previous advocacy work, Sharief discussed the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) action plan on Libya, with a specific focus on women. In her statement, she says: “The implementation of every aspect of this plan needs to systematically integrate the two UNSC resolutions 1325 and 2250, which should serve as the guidelines of the implementation of the action plan, to not only position women and youth to lead mediations in resolving and preventing conflicts, but as well as to address structural long term issues that often neglected to sustain peace in Libya.”

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Read the full statement below: http://peacewomen.org/sites/default/files/UNSC_Briefing_Libya_Shareif_01-2018.pdf