Did you know that there are still reports of UN Peacekeepers perpetrating serious crimes of sexual violence, including human trafficking, sexual exploitation and rape? The existing mechanisms designed to combat this outrage are not legally binding, so a culture of impunity remains to prevail.

This is why WILPF, together with the V-Day Movement and many other organisations worldwide, are rising to demand justice for victims of sexual violence performed under the watch of peacekeepers on February 2014.

You can rise with us!

On our path to justice ... we rise to end sexual violence happening under the watch of peacekeepers

The paths to justice for victims of these crimes are filled with a myriad of problems and obstacles, such immunities from criminal prosecutions, whistleblower sanctions, and a lack of will from the international community to take action. 

Read and download this Infograph to better understand how the system is supposed to work, what problems victims face in pursuing justice, and possible solutions WILPF and our partners are working on.

Participate in the One Billion Rising Campaign

Friday the 14th of February is the day of the campaign One Billion Rising for Justice and we have joined the campaign by creating a special Facebook cover photo, which we will publish on our Facebook page on the day.

The cover photo promotes our project Paths to Justice and calls attention to the issue of peacekeeping accountabilities.

By downloading and using our Facebook cover photo on Friday, February 14th, you both support the One Billion Rising campaign AND create awareness for the victims of these crimes. 

Download Cover Photo in the right dimensions (851×315 px) 

What to do 

  1. Download the Facebook Cover Photo (see above)
  2. Replace your Facebook Cover Photo with the Campaign Cover Photo
  3. Important: Click on the Cover Photo and add this describing text;

Today One Billion Women and Men are rising to demand justice for survivors of violence.     

We/I are/am rising with them and we/I are/am demanding justice for those who are victims of sexual violence happening under the watch of peacekeepers. Peacekeepers represent us, the international community, and are there to protect and serve the vulnerable community in need of their help. Sexual violence of any kind is never okay and immunity should never be given for these crimes. Ever. Rise with us now.  

What can you do?

1. Click and read here: https://www.wilpf.org/paths-to-justice/

2. Share this Cover Photo and become one of the One Billion Rising. Read more about the campaign here: www.onebillionrising.org

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Rise with us! We will see you online!

PS: We are curious … let us know if you rise with us, just write if you are with us in the comments below.