On 20 April 2017, WILPF had a tweetathon in collaboration with Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). The theme was how to reclaim the United Nations, and a large number of activists and civil society organisations joined the conversation and brought valuable insights and perspectives to the table. The tweetathon kicked off the discussion WILPF will bring up at the up coming Convening “Reclaiming the United Nations as a Peace Organisation.”

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‘Tweetathon’ is a blend of the words ‘tweet’ and ‘marathon’. It’s a social media mobilisation and a fast-paced exchange of opinions and standpoints in the twittersphere. When a tweetathon is a success, people engage in the discussion and tweets fly through cyberspace. There is no doubt, that the #ReclaimUN tweetathon was a success! AWID had prepared some great questions for a Q&A with WILPF’s Secretary General Madeleine Rees, and a large number of people and civil society organisations joined the conversation and shared experiences, insights and opinions.

The #ReclaimUN tweetathon was a warm-up to WILPF’s upcoming Convening “Reclaiming the United Nations as a Peace Organisation: Ensuring women’s meaningful participation for peace and strengthening multilateralism”. The Convening is a response to this year’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) where women from several countries were denied access to the UN due to the travel ban imposed by the US administration. In solidarity with our partners, WILPF decided not to formally engage in the CSW61 and will instead bring our partners to the Convening in Geneva from 26-28 April 2017. Their voices should not be #MissingVoices and we need to reclaim the UN and make sure it is inclusive.

The discussion on how to #ReclaimUN is important. And we need as many perspectives as possible and to engage a large number of organisations. The UN is ours, but it has lost its way and we need to help get it back.

At the Convening we will have several very interesting panel discussions with brilliant and brave activists from various civil society organisations as well as stakeholders from the UN and Member States.

And the good news is: the sessions will be live streamed on WILPF’s Facebook page!

This gives you the opportunity to engage in the conversation even though you are not in Geneva. We encourage everyone to comment on Facebook and to share thoughts, perspectives, insights and opinions on Twitter. Tag @WILPF and let us continue the amazing conversation we had during the Tweetathon.

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