Following on the heels of the failed U.S.-North Korea summit in Hanoi, WILPF together with partners is officially launching our new global campaign: “Korea Peace Now! Women Mobilizing to End the War”. With this campaign, we will push for a final settlement of the Korean War.

The Korean War (1950-’53) never ended. It was merely suspended by an armistice between North Korea and the United States. Without a peace agreement, war can break out at any time.

For more than 67 years, the war has had enormous consequences for the two Koreas and the many families who have been separated for years. Women have been protesting the war and calling for peace on the Korean Peninsula for decades.

It is time to end it.

Very few women are involved in the official Korea peace process. We want to change this. We need women to be involved in the official peace process, not because of their gender, but because inclusion of women and their experiences, concerns and recommendations are crucial to achieve lasting peace and stability.

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