We believe that information and discussion over human rights abuses worldwide is a cornerstone to learn more and raise awareness on important issues. But developing an inquisitive mind and learning can be good fun, too. Especially if you do so while watching films!

WILPF International will be attending the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) in Geneva from tomorrow 1st March until 10th March and provide you with suggestions on films to watch and inputs for human rights discussions.

A difficult time for human rights

The past year has been especially daunting for human rights: the crisis in Syria, Mali, Palestine, the Sahel region, the difficult political transition in Tunisia and the protests in Russia are just a few critical points.

The FIFDH deals with these and more topics, ranging from the often neglected dictatorship in Uzbekistan, to the use of drones in the so-called “surgical wars” and again, urban violence in Central America and conflicts over the access to water resources.

Many of these topics are being discussed, right now, at the UN Human Rights Council here in Geneva; so, it is especially relevant, for us, to participate in both fora to identify the main point of convergence and current challenges. If you are interested, you can follow the latest news and info from the Human Rights Council by subscribing to WILPF Human Rights Council Newsletters.


2013 International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

Human rights and art go hand in hand

This year’s edition of the FIFDH is dedicated to dissident artists, who challenge and denounce human rights violations. “Is the artistic creation a way to resist human rights violations?” was a tricky question raised during the press conference on the FIFDH we attended last week here in Geneva.

The fact that this edition is dedicated to the currently imprisoned Chinese poet and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiabo, and to the dissident contemporary art star, Ai Weiwei, demonstrates that art and culture can be a powerful tool to influence the world opinion on thorny human rights issues.

Educate yourself

But this year’s edition is also dedicated to a brave Pakistani young woman, Malala Yousafzai, brutally attacked by the Talibans because she dared to speak up for women’s right to education.

We firmly believe that education is quintessential to human rights and we would like, on the occasion of the FIFDH and Human Rights Council, to prompt a debate among our members, friends and supporters on some of the most critical human rights issues.

Follow our blog in the upcoming days, get inspired, educate yourself and participate in the debate!