The Second High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), the annual accountability mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), starts today!

This year, the HLPF will be convened under the theme “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world.” It will gather the representatives of Member States, United Nations entities and major groups and other stakeholders to monitor progress and share best practices on implementing the SDGs.

Participants of the HLPF2017 Strategy Meeting of the Women’s Major Group. Photo Credit: Women’s Major Group

WILPF believes that the SDGs have the potential to be an important tool for addressing conflict prevention gap. Their link between environmental, social and economic dimensions of development should be leveraged to move from political economies of war to political economies of peace and gender justice.

Gender equality, realisation of women’s human rights, including in conflict, and empowerment of all women are essential and cross-cutting to all of the SDGs. They are also critical to realising a transformative and holistic agenda, rather than replicating business as usual.

However, realising their transformative potential requires that the SDGs are implemented in a way that works for women and girls in conflict.

To support and mobilise action of local women for Feminist Peace and Development, WILPF has already undertaken some steps prior the Forum:

  • On 28 June 2017, we hosted a webinar for activists to share information and lessons learned on how can activists leverage the SDGs for local action on gender equality, disarmament and sustainable peace.
  • On 4 July 2017, we  launched a social media toolkit to mobilise recognition by Member States, the UN and the international community of local women’s work.

Now is the time to act together!

Starting today, as part of our work to strengthen conflict prevention and promote accountability on gender equality and peace, WILPF’s Women, Peace and Security Programme will monitor the forum for gender and conflict issues and identify current opportunities and challenges for leveraging action on gender equality and feminist peace.

With our coalition, the Women’s Major Group, we have drafted a position paper. We will also mobilise action to promote implementation of the SDGs in a way that ensures women’s meaningful participation and human rights, enhances civil society space, directly resources women’s rights groups and ensures all actors take responsibility for the 2030 Agenda.

Through our advocacy and outreach, WILPF will particularly push for development based on disarmament and women’s human rights. We will continue to highlight the need to ensure extraterritorial accountability so that states are accountable for arms proliferation (SDG 16.4) that exacerbate sexual and gender based violence (SDG 5.2); and for innovative finance (SDG 16.7) for peace that realises commitments to #MoveTheMoney from military spending to gender equitable social development.

In this vein, we will co-sponsor a side-event on 14 July 2017 entitled, From Shrinking Spaces to Feminist Movement Building: Key Priorities on SDG 5 and 16 for Sustaining Peace.” The side-event will bring attention of the international community to the ongoing barriers and systems of oppression for feminist movements that prevent women’s meaningful participation for national action on gender equitable development and peace.

How you can be part of the HLPF

>> Join us in New York to demand an enabling environment for the feminist movements and women affected by conflict worldwide in implementing and realising the 2030 Agenda. Come to our event in person, or watch via live-stream!

>> Support our Social Media Campaign (Read all the details about our HLPF 2017 Social Media campaign)

>> If you are not able to join us, please follow along via Facebook (@WILPF and @WILPFPeaceWomen), Twitter (@WILPF and @Peace_Women) and Instagram (@wilpf) (don’t forget to include the hashtag #WomenLead2030); join the conversation; share our infographics and raise your voice!!