Every year, thousands of people are killed, injured, raped and forced to flee from their homes as a result of the unregulated global arms trade. This trade continues to make our world a poorer, less democratic, more corrupt and less safe place.

By Beatrice Fihn, Programme Manager of Reaching Critical Will

Today, it’s one month and one week left until the second and final round of negotiations of an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and WILPF is launching a petition to include the prevention of gender-based violence in the ATT, which will start on 18th March.

ATT: an important tool against human rights violations

Since the beginning of the negotiations, WILPF has argued that an ATT is a strong tool protecting people against violations of international humanitarian law and human rights, including gender-based violence.

There has been a wide recognition that the ATT should include a provision on prevention of gender-based violence. But from our experience as a women’s organisation, we know that while many governments are supportive of this and agree that treaties should include specific references to gender, they place often place it low down on the priority list and are sometimes willing to concede and trade away such language when negotiations enter the critical last phase.

Making the prevention of gender-based violence a top priority

ATT bannerToday, WILPF is launching a petition that encourages everyone to show that preventing gender-based violence is a priority, and that governments must do their utmost to ensure such a provision in the ATT.

We have also created several pages on our website which will give you more information and suggestions for engagement on this topic.

We need all of our members to join us in this work.

Help us support this important cause

We hope that all WILPF members will sign this petition and take action to ensure a strong ATT that will prevent arms sales when there’s a risk of armed gender-based violence.

Share this petition with your friends and send it to your networks.

Together, we can become even stronger this time around.

Go to Take Action and see what you can do to support our cause.