A WILPF Guide to Feminist Political Economy in Conflict and Post-Conflict Phase (Arabic)

We believe that feminist political economy analysis is the key to understanding the underlying causes of conflict and war, and for transforming political, social and economic structures. Therefore, we have developed a simplified methodology for feminist political economy analysis. The guide builds a cohesive understanding of how a feminist political analysis is a powerful tool for peace.
We use our analysis to create dialogues with major multilateral power institutions. These discussions are a basis for moving towards sustainable changes in peace processes through the Women Peace and Security agenda.

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Weapons, War and Women in the MENA Region (Arabic and English)

This toolkit seeks to analyse the flow of arms into countries in conflict, particularly Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, and underscore how they impact the lives of civilians and women disproportionately. Although many other resources highlight the impact that arms transfers have on civilians during conflict, this toolkit gives particular emphasis on the gendered dimensions of arms transfer that regularly goes unnoticed. It also provides the foundation for local and international activists and NGOs to conduct advocacy around the use and transfer of arms in the MENA region and raise awareness around gendered impacts that militarization has.