As the end of this extraordinary year draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce the release of the first ePub in WILPF’s new Thoughts for Change series: Abolition by Ray Acheson, Director of WILPF’s Disarmament Programme known as Reaching Critical Will

Compiling and expanding upon Acheson’s series of articles exploring the theme of abolition, this long-read ePub offers deep feminist analysis of topics ranging from disbanding police to decommissioning nuclear weapons. 

With an aim to inform, educate, and ignite dialogue – and action – on the urgent need to abolish the structures and systems that cause harm, Abolition invites readers to take a break from the 24/7 news cycle, set aside the noise of social media, and engage in a bold examination of some of the most critical issues impacting people and planet today. 

“As feminist, queer, and BIPOC activists have taught us for decades, abolition is not just about dismantling institutions that oppress, but about building a new world of justice, equity, and care for all,” explains Acheson. “It’s about facing the reality that we cannot continue the way that we’ve been going – that the myths of weapons and wars, prisons and police, borders, capitalism, and so much more have made the world a dangerous place – but also that we have the capacity to change it all. I hope this series of essays provides some inspiration for action, and for collaboration across movements.” 

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About the Thoughts for Change ePub Series 

Thoughts for Change is a new series of free ePubs published by WILPF offering in-depth feminist analysis on a range of issues impacting the world today. Abolition is the first publication in the series.