The Arms Trade Treaty is a particularly hot topic for WILPF because of the gender-based impact of the unregulated global arms trade. This is why we particularly welcomed the creation of a new Centre for International Humanitarian Law in Norway, which will strengthen the efforts for the implementation of the ATT.

That is very good news! Our Norwegian Section attended the seminar organised by the Centre and WILPFers Eva Fidjestøl and Mari Holmboe Ruge sent us this update explaining why this new institution is so important and how WILPF will be actively involved.


No to the unregulated global arms trade

“On 3rd June 2013, the day the ATT was signed at the United Nations, a new Center for International Law was presented in Norway. The Centre is a division of ILPI, the International Law and Policy Institute, headed by Dr. Gro Nystuen, who was a member of the Norwegian delegation during the ATT negotiations. This institutionalisation of IHL in Norway will strengthen the political and organisational efforts for the implementation of the ATT.

ILPI is aware of the value of close cooperation with the NGO community and marked the start of the new center by organising a seminar where the need for active lobbying for improved legislation concerning Norway’s export of military equipment was emphasised. WILPF Norway attended the seminar and will follow this process closely in the coming year together with other concerned NGOs.

There is a general election in September. Opinion polls predict a change of Government from Labour/Socialists/Center to Conservative/Liberals/Christians – probably dependent on the support from our ultra right party the Progressives.  Thus active lobbying from the NGO community will be even more important than now.

The new IHL Center will publish its web site soon. In the meantime, have a look at the website of the International Law and Policy Institute.”

Want to learn more about what WILPF, as a peace organisation, has been doing on the ATT? Then, visit our page “make it binding“.

And if you speak Norwegian, do not miss a chance to have a look at the new WILPF Norway’s website.