It is wonderful to see the results of a project you have been working on for many years, especially when they are positive. For the last 20 years, WILPF Colombia has supported women affected by the conflict. They are the one in the most vulnerable situation. The Section has brought them the tools, knowledge and opportunities to transform their lives. Their stories are a message of hope.

Here remains life

With the help of a local audiovisual school, WILPF Colombia, or LIMPAL Colombia as they call themselves, has made these stories alive in a video documentary. In only four months, they succeeded to manage the coordination with the students and the interviews on the field. The results are eye-opening. The students did a great job in portraying the stories of these women. They carefully selected part of the interviews in a way to include all the women and ensure to share their messages.

Leonardo Lopez, professor at the Politécnico Grancolombiano school and director of the documentary, said that “one of the biggest difficulties was to create the confidence, in such a short time, with the women in order for them to feel at ease in sharing certain experiences.”

A positive long-term effect

The documentary shows how LIMPAL Colombia has helped women to change their lives. Mayda Roldan, the regional coordinator of LIMPAL Colombia’s Meta branch, states that she has  “realised that what we LIMPAL Colombia do is to help, support and show ways through which women can build their lives, their dreams.”

The women in the documentary can now envision a future and be agents of change. They are educating the next generation to stand for their rights and invite them to be part of the movement.

“Wherever there is a LIMPAL-women, a new woman is transformed,” says Rosalba Mahecha, a member of the Section. Indeed, the members of LIMPAL Colombia know they are valued and that their contributions are creating changes.

Sharing resources: a win-win partnership

While the Politécnico Grancolombiano school contributed with its equipment, expertise and ideas, WILPF Colombia increased the students’ knowledge about the issues faced by women.

The Section participated in a workshop about gender issues hosted by the director of the documentary and will organise a conference at Politecnico later in 2019 about women’s rights in audiovisual productions.

When asked, Sara, one of the girls who worked behind the camera, said: “Working in the creation of this documentary made me grow on a personal and professional level, but especially as a woman. I realised that we [women] are capable of many things and this made me aware of the collective force that we have in order to generate change. Getting to know these women, what they had to go through, and how they managed to move on and unite, made me appreciate myself more as a woman and fight for what I deserve.”

We hope this unforgettable experience will lead Sara to be part of the peace movement, as well as many other women in Colombia.