On the week of International Women’s Day, Yemeni women, inside and outside Yemen, are demanding peace for Yemen. More than one hundred women inside and outside Yemen have drafted an open letter to the UN Envoy, endorsed by solidarity from women and civil society organisations from the MENA region and the world.

The letter is available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

Read more about the current situation of women in Yemen, their participation in peace building, and the recommendations they have outlined to the newly appointed Special Envoy to Yemen through the YemenWomenVoice website.

Take Action Today! Support Yemeni Women’s Voices:

Share this page and letter with your Country Missions to the UN. Tweet the demands above at the UN Envoy.  Sample Tweets:

  • Women of #Yemen are calling the @UN_Envoy to support cessation of hostilities and facilitate an inclusive peace process https://yemenwomenvoices.wordpress.com #YemenWomenVoices
  • Women of #Yemen are calling the @UN_Envoy to support ending the siege on #Taiz and lift the embargo from all airports. https://yemenwomenvoices.wordpress.com #YemenWomenVoices
  • Women of #Yemen are calling the @UN_Envoy to support a dialogue to reach a fair solution for the South Issue https://yemenwomenvoices.wordpress.com #YemenWomenVoices
  • Women of #Yemen are calling the @UN_Envoy to ensure an inclusive peace process that ensures meaningful participation of women https://yemenwomenvoices.wordpress.com #YemenWomenVoices

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For direct contact,  send an email to PeaceTrackYemen (a) gmail.com