Organisational Structure

International Board

Joy Ada Onyesoh
Joy Ada Onyesoh

Joy Ada Onyesoh is a passionate feminist peacebuilder. She is the Director of WILPF Nigeria and was an International Vice-President of WILPF between 2014 and 2018.…
Margrethe Kvam
Margrethe Kvam

Margrethe Kvam has been a member of WILPF for more than 30 years. Already International Vice-President from 2015 to 2018, she was…
Melissa Torres
Melissa Torres

Prior to being elected Vice-President, Melissa Torres was the WILPF US International Board Member from 2015 to 2018. Melissa joined WILPF in…
Kerry McGovern
Kerry McGovern
International Treasurer

Kerry McGovern has been a member of WILPF for more than 10 years and served as WILPF International Treasurer from 2015 to…
Sylvie Jacqueline Ndongmo
Sylvie Jacqueline Ndongmo
Africa Regional Representative

Sylvie Jacqueline Ndongmo has been involved in WILPF since 2012 and has been a member of the International Board between 2015 and…
Olivia Oseji
Olivia Oseji
Africa Alternate Regional Representative

Olivia Oseji has been a member of WILPF since 2007 and an International Board member between 2015 and 2018. Olivia is also the…
Beatriz Schultes
Beatriz Schultes
Americas Regional Representative

Janet Slagter
Janet Slagter
Americas Alternate Regional Representative

Kozue Akibayashi
Kozue Akibayashi
Asia Pacific Regional Representative

Kozue Akibayashi has been a member of WILPF for the last 20 years. She was WILPF International Vice-President between 2007 and 2011 and WILPF International President…
Janette McLeod
Janette McLeod
Asia Pacific Regional Alternate Representative

Janette McLeod has been a member of WILPF for more than a decade, during which time she has held a number of…
Heidi Meinzolt
Heidi Meinzolt
Europe Regional Representative

Heidi Meinzolt is a member of WILPF Germany for more than 30 years. She has been a member of the International Board…
Lina Hjärtström
Lina Hjärtström
Europe Alternate Regional Representative

Lina Hjärtström has been a member of WILPF since 2012 and started out working locally.  The group worked with issues such as…
Shirine Jurdi
Shirine Jurdi
MENA Regional Representative

Hanan Awwad
Hanan Awwad
MENA Alternate Regional Representative

Dr. Hanan Awwad is the President of WILPF Palestine, which she founded in 1988, and the head of the Middle East Committee.…
Zarina Salamat
Zarina Salamat
South Asia Alternate Regional Representative

Madeleine Rees
Madeleine Rees

Madeleine has been the Secretary-General of WILPF since 2010. She began her career as a lawyer in 1990 and in 1998, she…

Global Programmes at a Glance


Total and universal disarmament is one of the founding goals of WILPF. Today, WILPF works to promote human security and achieve sustainable peace through the Reaching Critical Will programme, and additionally applying a gender perspective to the conversation on weapons and war.

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Women, Peace and Security

War and violence bring with them certain gendered dimensions that disproportionately impact women. Through the PeaceWomen programme, WILPF advocates to advance the rights of women in conflict and post-conflict situations, and the participation of women in peace-making processes.

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Human Rights

WILPF addresses human rights through an ‘Integrated Approach’ which brings together issues of Peace and Security with Women’s Human Rights. Working on the international, regional and local levels, WILPF advocates for Peace and Security as integral to human rights to UN human rights bodies.

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Crisis Response

With a focus on key crisis regions, the programme provides a gendered conflict analysis in order to strengthen women’s capacity and access to engage effectively in transition and peace processes. The programme aims to support, strengthen and bring women’s experiences to relevant international arenas, such as the UN security council.

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Meet WILPF International Secretariat

Secretary General
Madeleine Rees (GVA)
secretariat (a) wilpf.org
Office: +41 (0) 22 919 70 80
Mobile: +41 (0) 78 763 90 16
+27 73 944 40 80

Contact: secretariat (a) wilpf.org

International Office Manager (on Maternity Leave)
Line Favre (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Interim International Office Manager (Maternity Cover)
Alexandra Reidon (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Finance Manager
Judith Sanderse
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Grants and Finance Coordinator
Marion Maadoune
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Administration Operations and Finance Assistant
Johanna Lasi
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

UN Office Manager, New York
Ashish Mahajan (NY)
ashish.mahajan (a) wilpf.org

Contact: communications (a) wilpf.org

Communications Manager
Nina Hansen (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Communications Intern
Stephanie Horsford (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Contact: membership (a) wilpf.org

Membership Manager
Jenny Aulin (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Membership Coordinator
Elena Cason (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Membership and Office Management Intern
Molly Jerlström (GVA)
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Director of Global Programmes
Maria Butler (GVA)
maria.butler (a) wilpf.org

WILPF Project Manager
Jenny Aulin (GVA)
jenny.aulin (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80


Programme Director
Patrizia Scannella (GVA)
patrizia.scannella (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Programme Associate
Tessa Cerisier (GVA)
tessa.cerisier (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Human Rights Intern
Martina Daelli (GVA)
martina.daelli (a) wilpf.org


Programme Director
Ray Acheson (NY)
ray.acheson (a) wilpf.org
(+1) 212 682 1265

Programme Manager
Allison Pytlak (NY)
allison.pytlak (a) wilpf.org
(+1) 212 682 1265

RCW Associate
Katrin Geyer (GVA)
katrin.geyer (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80


Programme Coordinator
Zarin Hamid (NY)
zarin.hamid (a) wilpf.org
(+1) 212 682 1265

Communications Associate
Genevieve Riccoboni (NY)
genevieve.riccoboni (a) wilpf.org
(+1) 212 682 1265


MENA Director
Laila Alodaat (UK)
laila.alodaat (a) wilpf.org
+44 (0) 20 7250 1968
+44 (0)788 1930254

MENA Manager
Rola Masri (UK)
rola.masri (a) wilpf.org
+1 (202) 594 48 27

MENA Advocacy Coordinator
Sarah Boukhary (GVA)
sarah.boukhary (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

MENA Project Coordinator
Yasmine Kergoat (GVA)
yasmine.kergoat (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

Syria Associate
Leen Alabed (UK)
leen.alabed (a) wilpf.org
+44 (0) 20 7250 1968

MENA Associate
Alice Bonfatti (GVA)
alice.bonfatti (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

MENA Associate
Samah Krichah (GVA)
samah.krichah (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80

MENA Assistant
Nihad Kasmi (GVA)
nihad.kasmi (a) wilpf.org
+41 (0) 22 919 70 80


Project Coordinator
Nela Porobić Isaković (BiH)
nela.porobic (a) wilpf.org
+387 (0) 61 417 276


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden:


Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad):


OAK Foundation:


Sigrid Rausing Trust:


Swedish International Development Coorperation Agency (Sida):


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