The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)’s Annual Report 2016 has been published. The Annual Report shows the variety of forms peace work can have and how different approaches work in different contexts.

WILPF’s Annual Report 2016 gives the reader a snapshot of the many important activities carried out by WILPF’s programmes and sections. The report showcases a number of selected works from Nigeria to Colombia, from Bosnia to Syria, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Sweden, and is a reminder of the importance of movement building and solidarity within the feminist peace movement. It shows too, the importance of adequate funding and provides a financial overview of 2016.

“Change is indeed a comprehensive and long-term process, but it is not an impossibility. We believe that every effort counts,” says Kozue Akibayashi, WILPF International President.

Local women’s perspective must be included

With activities on every continent, WILPF demonstrates its ability to incorporate the local perspective and the knowledge, experiences and recommendations of women on the ground.

“WILPF has demonstrated time and again that we possess the ability to connect the local and the global. Our work helps women change their own lives by enabling them to organise, participate and work together to prevent violence, war and human rights violations,” says Madeleine Rees, WILPF Secretary General.

The Annual Report 2016 can be read/downloaded on: WILPF Annual Report 2016

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