WILPF’s Annual Report 2018 Has Been Published

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s (WILPF’s) 2018 Annual Report has been published. The report gives a snapshot of the many achievements and activities carried out by WILPF members and partners throughout the world.

As the world’s longest standing women peace organisation, WILPF collaborates with peace activists and has activities in nearly 60 countries all over the globe. Among the stories of work selected for the Annual Report is one that specifically highlights the work done in Nigeria and in the African region.

Massive Growth in Africa

In 2018, WILPF witnessed the culmination of years of growth in Africa. Eleven out of thirteen new Sections and Groups in 2018 were from the African continent. This shows a growing interest for and understanding of the impact women’s peace activism can have in Africa – and also how African women can impact the global agenda.

“In the African region, we work across countries, we share our experiences, and we learn from one another,” says Sylvie Ndongmo, President of WILPF Cameroon.

In 2018, WILPF also hosted a Forum on the African Feminist Peace Movement and their 32ndInternational Congress in Ghana. During the Congress, members for the first time elected an international President from the African Region: Joy Onyesoh.

The Women Who Build Peace

WILPF’s aim is to advance equality and justice, and demilitarise security in order to establish the foundations for permanent peace. The members are at the core of the organisation, working at the local or global levels to build and to help to implement peace in their countries.

“Our members are really fearless and formidable women. Their stories are stories about peace and resilience. For every negative news item you read or hear, be reassured that we have a story of success that we can replace it with,” says Joy Onyesoh, WILPF international President.

For more information please contact: Nina Hansen, WILPF Communications Manager, tel: +41 22 919 70 80 / email: nina.hansen@wilpf.org


Download the PDF version of the Press Release: WILPF’s Annual Report 2018 Has Been Published.