The 25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. A day in which we should all reaffirm our commitment to understanding and addressing the root causes of violence, recognising gender as causal and working together to effect change.


To help us in our work to do just that, WILPF is organising a one-day fundraising campaign under the slogan Only real change can erase the root causes of violence. With this campaign we renew our commitment to ending violence by addressing some of its root causes from a feminist perspective. We challenge:

  • The structures of power which flow from Patriarchy which place women at risk of violence and make conflict inevitable;
  • Militarism as a way of thought;
  • The neo liberal economic system, involving the exploitation of the labour and resources of the many by the few;
  • Inequalities between peoples and between nations, political repression and intolerance of diversity.

(taken from the WILPF Manifesto 2015)

We believe that Violence is not inevitable. It is a choice and we choose non violence as a mean and as an end.

As States’ continue to increase their military budgets, leaders engage in the rhetoric of war, and people’s confidence in the United Nations system is crumbling, then it is now time to step up and fill the void, to mobilise against violence and for peace.

25 November will be a day for you to get involved and become a change-maker for a better and safer future by being part of our movement and supporting our work to stop violence. You are invited to be part of our fundraising page on the CauseVox platform.

All the collected funds will be used directly for our work to address violence and promote peace.