In the latest issue of Peace & Justice News – a publication from the Peace & Justice Center, a US-based NGO – Robin Lloyd from WILPF’s US Section writes about the gridlock in the United Nations caused by the unbalanced power of a small number of nuclear states.

Her article, “Speaking Truth to Power at the United Nations”, focuses on WILPF’s recent decision to leave the Conference on Disarmament (CD) due to its inactivity, and the statement that we made before walking out.

For several years, the Conference on Disarmament has not been able to negotiate a single treaty, and nuclear states keep hindering any progress. Have a look at Robin Lloyd’s article to learn more about what it is like when national interests take over and civil society must bear the responsibility of reminding the UN of its original purpose: to spare future generations from the scourge of war.

Read the article “Speaking Truth to Power at the United Nations” (page 6).