The end of 2018 is just ahead of us and unlike in former years, we have decided to stay silent during the holidays; no blogs will be published, no daily updates on social media will be in your newsfeed, and no e-news stories will find their way to your inbox.

In a time where one of the impending threats against women’s peace activism is the risk of stress and burn-out, we need to recognise the need for a timeout, the need for silence.

For us, and for you.

What 2018 has taught us among other things is that being online 24/7 is not the answer. Actually, these days when trolls no longer exist only in Norwegian fairy tales, being online 24/7 seems more like being a part of the problem.

2018 has indeed been a year where we have seen — and felt — the consequences of false stories, online hate speech and bullying, cyber propaganda, interference with elections, threats against human rights defenders, and indeed against women’s rights activists and outspoken feminists. Fear, hate and disinformation have been spreading successfully on a scale we could not have imagined.

While being online 24/7 just a few years ago seemed like a must, today it seems clear that we need time free from new impressions, time to just be. Without getting time to reflect, we will not learn from our experiences.

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to reflect on our experiences, and to ask simple questions such as “What did I do well in that situation?”, “What could I do differently?”, “What changes do I want to see in 2019?”

We invite you to join us. To turn down the noise. To recharge your energy.

Happy holidays, see you in 2019!