In connection with the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council, WILPF International is hosting a delegation of Syrian women human rights activists with a vast range of expertise in women’s rights, law and justice, civil society and peace building, and humanitarian and crisis response.

The 32nd session will adopt resolutions and host several events relevant to the context Syrian conflict. The questions addressed aims to feed into the discussion around gender based violence and gender discrimination, firearms, and the resolution on Syria. In addition it will seek to strengthen the integration of a holistic perspective to women peace and security in the context of the human rights council.

WILPF will facilitate for a number of complementary events:

Closed roundtable meeting with member states on June 14th:

On the 14th of June, the Permanent mission of Sweden to the United Nations in Geneva will host a closed roundtable for member states to address urgent human rights dimensions of the Syrian conflict and the disproportionate impact on women. It also seeks to strengthen a holistic perspective to the women, peace and security agenda in the context of the HRC and its upcoming resolutions.

Open Side-Event on June 15th:

WILPF is organising an open side-event to the Human Rights Council on the 15th of June from 5 until 6 PM in Room IX. Any person with access to the Human Rights Council can freely attend. The main objective of the side-event it to present the gendered analysis of the human rights situation in Syria, put forward the carefully developed recommendations. It will examine the roles of the different stakeholders in reinforcing protection of civilians. We hope to see you in the Council!

Public event at the Geneva Center for Security Policy on June 16th:

WILPF and the GCSP are organising a public event with the Syrian women delegation on June 16th at Maison de la Paix in Geneva from 4 until 5.30 PM. Any person in Geneva can attend, as attendance is open to the public. This discussion will address the impact of the conflict on women, the role they play on the ground today, the need for their real and effective participation in peace negotiations and decision-making, as well as how the general public in Europe and beyond can provide direct support. Please register here!

Commitment of WILPF to the Syrian cause

Hosting this delegation constitutes one part of a long-term commitment by WILPF to the Syrian cause and to the work of our Syrian partners. What WILPF is seeking to achieve through these numerous advocacy activities with the delegation is to form a constructive discussion with high-level officials, INGOs and other actors and to lobby states for more gendered and civilian-centered policies and strategies in both humanitarian and political aspects. Bearing in mind that not everyone in Geneva can access the Human Rights Council or is involved in the political and human rights realms in Geneva, WILPF believes it is crucial to inform the public about the diverse experiences of Syrian women and their demands and recommendations, as well as to advocate publicly for the recent report on the disproportionate impact of the conflict on women and girls in Syria. It is equally important to note that this report is prepared to feed into the universal periodic review of the Syrian state, and therefore does not cover violations against women committed by other warring parties to the conflict in Syria.