This Monday, 9 February, WILPF participated in a demonstration against the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) in Geneva, calling for a stop to the negotiations and for the protection of our vital public services. Discussions on TISA were being held in secrecy that same day in Geneva, leaving citizens out of the process. TISA is another major international treaty negotiated behind closed doors, alongside TPP and TTIP.

What it’s about

TISA is a shady trade deal that threatens to hand over our drinking water and health services to multinational corporations. Consequences could be far-reaching: TISA would lead to the privatisation of our water supplies and health system, facilitate the transfer of European bank data into the US, and introduce undemocratic private courts. The United States and the European Union are the main proponents of the agreement, and citizens have only learnt about some of the details through leaks. 300.000 of us already raised our voices online, but this is not enough, which is why we took to the streets.

What you can do

TISA is just one example of the risks of corporations infringing on our human rights. WILPF is already engaging at the international level to support a treaty that would regulate the work of transnational companies. In order to contribute, sign our petitions to ask European governments in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Spain to protect citizens from the abuses of multinationals.