Did you know that sexual violence and abuse has been reported in nearly every peacekeeping operation since they began, and victims of these crimes are further away than ever from finding justice for these horrific crimes?

This is why we, together with the V-Day Movement and many other organisations worldwide, support the One Billion Rising (link) campaign today and demand justice for these victims and accountability of our international community.

On our path to justice ... We rise to end sexual violence happening under the watch of peacekeepers

Under our Paths to Justice Project,

… We rise to end sexual violence happening under the watch of peacekeepers. This is the slogan on our Facebook Cover Photo for the day. What do we mean by this?

WILPF has started its ‘Paths to Justice‘ project to address these issues and demand accountability from our international community.

The Project started with two international legal conferences, which resulted in a comprehensive outcome document outlining the basic legal structures involved and providing key recommendations. Now the project continues in monitoring and advocacy efforts at international human rights mechanisms, developing materials to raise awareness and connecting our partners in the field.

Read more about WILPF’s project “Paths to Justice”.

Join us – today!

Remember it is not too late to join us! Either find us on Facebook and share the Cover Photo (remember the descriptive text, otherwise the Cover Photo doesn’t make sense) OR download the Cover Photo below.

By sharing/downloading the Facebook Cover Photo today on Friday, February 14th, you both support the One Billion Rising campaign AND create awareness on the issue of peacekeeping accountabilities. 

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What to do 
  1. Download the Facebook Cover Photo (see above)
  2. Replace your Facebook Cover Photo with the Campaign Cover Photo
  3. Important: Click on the Cover Photo and add this describing text; 

Today One Billion Women and Men are rising to demand justice for survivors of violence.     

We/I are/am rising with them and we/I are/am demanding justice for those who are victims of sexual violence happening under the watch of peacekeepers. Peacekeepers represent us, the international community, and are there to protect and serve the vulnerable community in need of their help. Sexual violence of any kind is never okay and immunity should never be given for these crimes. Ever. Rise with us now.  

What can you do?

1. Click and read here: https://www.wilpf.org/paths-to-justice/

2. Share this Cover Photo and become one of the One Billion Rising. Read more about the campaign here: www.onebillionrising.org

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Are you rising with us? Don’t be shy, write your name in the comments below! Feel free to tell us why you rise with us and with the V-day Movement.