It is a warm July day in Geneva and the view from the office window shows sunny and cloudless skies. It is quieter than usual because the summer months are the slower months, yet there is always work to be done.

At the moment, there are two interns, Robyn and Meghan, and we look forward to welcoming more in the fall. We have much to prepare for, as we will be attending the Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review during that time.

We are currently looking for a Human Rights intern and a Communications intern. They will assist their supervisors, attend meetings at the UN, and learn first-hand how an international NGO functions.

Most importantly, they will see how an organization like WILPF works to influence policy and make real changes in the lives of women in terms of disarmament, security, and human rights.

Interns are extremely valued at our office and we hope they value their time here as well. Listen to what some of them say.

If you want to become an intern at either the office in Geneva or in New York, then all internships are posted here.

You can also follow our Facebook page for new announcement of available internships.