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Podcasts – WILPF Launches New Podcast: “Political is Personal”

Episode 1: Personal and political experiences of women’s meaningful political participation in Syria

Marking 10 years since the Syrian revolution, during which feminist activists were always at the forefront of resistance, we are pleased to have four remarkable Syrian feminists as the guests of our first episode. They share an exciting and inspirational discussion on women’s meaningful participation before and after the uprisings of 2011:


Sabah Alhallak – Researcher on women’s issues and member of the Constitutional Committee

Mariam Jalabi – Syrian feminist activist and politician

Sabiha Khalil – Feminist and political activist

Oula Ramadan – Founder and CEO of Badael Foundation


The episode is hosted by Rola Asad, founding partner and executive director of the Syrian Female Journalists Network (SFJN)


At WILPF we believe in the importance of gathering and coordinating efforts, but also in raising awareness and educating the largest possible number of people. It is by challenging our collective minds that we will find solutions to the problems we witness. As such, webinars are both essential tools and valuable time during which we can work together to build a better world. We encourage you to explore all of our past webinars and hope to count you among us for those to come! 

Latest webinar

The Correlation between the Proliferation of SALW and Rates of Violence Against Women

During the webinar held on 13 April 2021, the speakers addressed the most important findings of our new report “The Correlation between the Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Iraq and Rates of Violence Against Women”: Presenting Effective Recommendations to Advocates and Policy Makers. This report was prepared within the framework of a collaborative project between Asuda for Combating Violence Against Women and WILPF.

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ويبينار: علاقة انتشار الأسلحة الصغيرة والأسلحة الخفيفة بزيادة معدلات العنف ضد النساء في العراق

19/04/2021 – Arabic

جلسة نقاش :أجندة النساء والسلام والأمن تحت الاحتلال الإسرائيلي

23/02/2021 – Arabic

FPE in MENA region: Where capitalist policies fail, what are the feminist alternatives?

03/02/2021 – English

الاقتصاد السياسي النسوي في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا: البدائل النسوية في ظل فشل السياسات الرأسمالية

03/02/2021 – Arabic

Policy Paper Launch: Bullets are Cheaper than Sugar

15/12/2020 – Arabic

COVID-19 and Gender Justice: Feminists in MENA Defying Global Structural Failure

28/10/2020 – English

UNSCR 1325 a los 20 Años: Perspectivas de Activistas Feministas Pacifistas

21/10/2020 – Spanish

UNSCR 1325 at 20 Years: Perspectives from Feminist Peace Activists

21/10/2020 – English

How Feminist Peace Can Transform Power, People, and Our Planet

28/09/2020 – English and Arabic

The gendered impact of the diversion and unregulated transfer of arms on women and girls

18/08/2020 – English

Where are the Words? WILPF and LSE Report Launch

08/07/2020 – English

Down the Green Feminist Road - Local stories of sustainability in action

02/07/2020 – English

Feminist Alternatives: Challenge Militarism to Save Our Planet

01/04/2020 – English

The Second World March for Peace and Non-Violence Webinar

17/12/2019 – English

Las Mujeres en La Implementación Del Acuerdo De Paz De Colombia

25/09/2017 – Spanish

WILPF’s Webinar Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

21/04/2017 – English

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