WILPF Chad Group has officially become part of the WILPF family in June 2016. Almost one year on, the president of the Group shares their aspirations, achievements and their current reality.

Members of WILPF Chad Group

Members of WILPF Chad Group. Photo: Djibrine Amalkher.

Preach peace, make peace and live in peace.

By Djibrine Amalkher, President of WILPF Chad Group

It is great to be part of a network of women champions of peace, activists, peace prizewinners and women right’s workers. WILPF is the world’s oldest women peace organisation, and what WILPF has achieved until now is phenomenal and unbelievable. It makes us believe that women’s contribution is fundamental to the development of this world. And how crucial it is to involve women in all peace processes at the national and international level. Most importantly, WILPF’s vision and mission fit completely our situation in Chad. And it’s a great opportunity to manage a group that will soon become a WILPF Section in Chad and to be able to help women reach their full potential.

Since the end of 2014, WILPF Chad has become more structured as an organisation and the group took a long peace journey by conducting many activities such as:

  1. Members capacity building training
  2. Women awareness and training on UNSCR 1325
  3. Debate, conference on the theme “Peace through basic education”
  4. Participation at WILPF’s centenary at The Hague (Netherlands)
  5. Training on the role of women in community life
  6. Awareness day organised by WILPF and AJASSA for women with disabilities on “women and leadership”
  7. Press brief on the incident of “Zouhoura Affair”, a young Chadian lady raped and humiliated on the Internet
  8. Debate organised after mother’s day on the theme “Role of mother for a peaceful environment in Africa”
  9. Participation of WILPF Chad members on TV Debates about Peace (National Tv and Afrique Media Tv)
  10. Participation at international events including Presidential summit with Obama in August 2015, West and central young leaders Conference in Accra 2016 etc.

WILPF Chad has also initiated discussions with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Gender about the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and the adoption of a National Action Plan.

WILPF Chad Group has contributed to great changes in the communities by: sensitising people about their rights, conducting awareness and trainings on women’s rights, conflicts resolutions, and peace debates. Sometimes, the root causes of violence are related to issues such as poverty and illiteracy. WILPF could indirectly fix these issues by advocating to the Government and Funders to invest more in such domains. WILPF contributes to advocacy for peace and women’s empowerment as well as related juridical aspects, making sure all necessary frameworks are adopted and well implemented. With the recent terrorist threats, prevention is the necessary solution.

Some of the challenges we are facing are: financial problems. As a newly founded group it’s difficult to find funding for our activities. Until now, our work has been supported by WILPF Chad members’ contributions. Our current activities have made WILPF Chad very well known among people. However the fact that we still don’t have an office in Chad make us less credible, as people keep asking where we are based. We also have language problems; majority of our members only speak French or Arabic, so it’s difficult for them to attend international events, webinars, meetings, etc.

Our main goal is to protect women and allow them to reach their full potential in a peaceful country. Our motto is “Preach peace, make peace and live in peace”.

Future work and challenges

In the upcoming year, WILPF Chad Group has some ambitious goals:

– Full participation of WILPF Chad in implementation processes of women’s rights frameworks (CEDAW and Beijing declaration, UNSCR 1325) at the national level;

– Cooperation with political, traditional and religious authorities;

– Participation of WILPF Chad in conflict resolution by proposing peaceful solutions at schools, universities, security and military corps, women and youth’s organisations;

– Strengthening women’s participation in the country’s development work;

– Reaching the population in rural areas, as they are the most vulnerable and many times unaware of their rights.

If you are interested in knowing more about the activities of WILPF Chad or you would wish to get in touch with them directly, please write to amalkher.djib (a) hotmail.com