Yes, you are right. Something is new. Something looks different. But what is it? Here is the answer: We have got a new look! Our website got a make-over – and we are thrilled to present it to you.

The website is the result of one year of work that has engaged the entire WILPF community from members to staff to website visitors. It all started with a survey where you – our dear readers – provided inspiring feedback and told us what – and not at least how – you would like from us.

So here it is. The “good old” WILPF feminist root cause analysis is still to find all-over the website (that’s who we are), but we have tried to pack it more nicely, make it cleaner, and make it more accessible for you.


What’s new?

We devoted time and attention to create a user-friendly website with an engaging design. You can now navigate successfully using your computer or your phone and see our members in action through all the banners disseminated in the pages.

The expertise of WILPF is our greatest strength. We are the longest standing women’s peace organisation in the world. As such, we have collected and created a colossal amount of content which is accessible through our advocacy database and through all the pages of the website.

Another issue we looked into is our language. The survey result told that we use too much jargon. Well, this suggestion was challenging to implement as we are working in a specific field with a precise vocabulary, but we got your point, so we powered-up and we hope we have managed to present our work in a new approachable way.

Visit the website to learn more about WILPF, what we do and how formidable women and men are building sustainable peace.

We would love to hear from you

The website is live in beta-mode and your opinion is always valuable for us. If you want to share any new feedback or comments, send us a message.