As unbelievable as it may seem, March 15th marks the 3rd year of the Syrian Crisis. As recent peace talks at the United Nations in Geneva have closed without result, the international community of NGO’s joins together

A coalition of organisations has been formed under the intention of reminding our global leaders that we must continue working towards a peaceful resolution and to show that the world stands by the Syrian people. We are happy to say that they have joined this coalition in support of #WithSyria

#WithSyria have begun planning global sunset vigils. These vigils will light up city landmarks in an iconic statement sent out around the world through social media.The events are open to anyone that wishes to take part in their city, otherwise #WithSyria encourages you to host your own vigil. For more information on how attend vigil organised by #WithSyria, to plan your own vigil or to find out how to join in other ways, go to their website