We are very proud of our Section WILPF Pakistan this week!

On Wednesday 3 October, the Section hosted a dinner meeting to share women’s rights and peace agendas in Pakistan.

Attending the dinner were 32 American peace activists who are visiting Pakistan this week to protest against drone attacks the American government are making in the Waziristan area.

Medea Benjamin, the cofounder of CODEPINK, a grassroots women’s peace and social justice movement, was leading the delegation, along with Ann Wright, an American army colonel who resigned in protest of the Iraq war – just the kind of peace gesture WILPF is all about!


The meeting gave women’s rights activists and human rights organisations from around Pakistan the chance to explain to the American peacemakers the impact the drone attacks are having on the Pakistani public, especially on its women and children.

The Pakistani activists explained that the attacks are linked to increasing religious extremism in Pakistan, and that the Taliban’s increased control in Waziristan and other tribal areas of Pakistan is restricting the freedom of women and other minorities.


On Saturday the American delegation left for Waziristan, to take part in a Peace March led by Pakistani politician Imran Khan.

We are happy that WILPF Pakistan was able to raise awareness of the plight of Pakistani women and strengthen the bonds of solidarity with the American delegation.