Easter Sunday was a sad one when a series of coordinated bombings killed more than 250 people and wounded at least 500 in Sri Lankan churches and hotels.

WILPF Sri Lanka condemns the brutal, senseless act committed to the civilians, and stand in solidarity with the affected and injured families. We particularly send our love and prayers to those who are grieving their dead loved ones, and who are in hospital with injuries.

At WILPF, we believe in the need to remain calm and peaceful without involving in further violence. Violence is not inevitable, but a choice. Instead, we must choose non-violence as a means to bring and implement peace.

We must embrace our diversity and unite against all hate. Sri Lanka has historically been “a pluralistic island of diverse ethnicities and faiths.” We cannot let this attack change that or fall into a “war on terror at the expense of minorities’ rights.”

We would like to thank Sri Lankan women representing all the religions, communities who have played a huge role in the peaceful environment after the incidence happened on 21 April.

All of us at WILPF Sri Lanka send our love and solidarity with those who have suffered in these appalling attacks.