Following Madeleine’s insightful comment on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the EU, here’s what Josephine Karlsson, Secretary General of WILPF Sweden, has to say on the matter…

– “As the world’s oldest international women’s peace organization, WILPF Sweden notes that the Norwegian Nobel Committee this year have decided to give the prize to the European Union. We regret this decision, which we believe goes against the peace prize’s intended focus on disarmament and non-military solutions. The EU started as a peace project but this is far from what the EU is today.

Photo of European Union flag

The Nobel Committee’s choice this year confirms the erosion of the peace prize. There are so many people in the world who fight for peace at all levels, especially at grassroots level. The EU has done good things during its 60 years, but is in no position to receive the Peace Prize in 2012.

The European Union had the potential to become one of the world’s largest unions not basing its power on military means. Today, the military capacity of the union has changed this course and the EU makes a very problematic distinction between those who are inside the EU and those outside. The EU has also failed to become a disarmament actor.

The EU may have worked for “fraternity” as Nobel put it, in Europe in its infancy. But the EU’s refugee policy and trade agreements are examples of how the Union today is building walls rather than tearing them down. The Member States Great Britain and France have still not disarmed their nuclear weapons – yet  another example of why the Nobel Committee’s choice is strange.” female wrestling