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WILPF Turns 106!

Over a century ago, as the First World War raged in Europe, a group of 1,136 women decided they’d had enough. Enough violence, enough death, enough destruction, enough injustice. Enough exclusion of women from peace talks and decision-making processes. 

On 28 April 1915, those women – prominent suffragists and activists who shared a commitment to building a future of peace, human security, and equality for all – joined together in The Hague, the Netherlands to engage in a dialogue about the root causes of war and take decisive action to help bring an end to the suffering. 

By the end of their meeting, the International Women’s Committee of Permanent Peace had been founded. In 1919, the committee was renamed the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. 

Since that time, WILPFers – a global community that now includes 7,000 peace activists around the world – have been leading the feminist peace movement, demanding change, calling out corruption, and sharing a vision for what’s possible when peace, not power, is the priority. 

Today, we’re celebrating our beginnings 106 years ago. Happy birthday to us! 

Thank you for joining us for WILPF Heritage Month! 

Throughout April, we shared moments, events, and images from WILPF’s past on our social media channels using the hashtag #WILPFHeritageMonth. Thank you for following along, engaging, and sharing! 

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You can also check out the #WILPFHeritageMonth hashtag and add your own WILPF memories to the conversation. 

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