Did you know that between the adoption of UNSCR 1325, in October 2000, and June 2015, over 50% of monitored resolutions referenced women, gender or UNSCR 1325.

In an effort to combat this gender bias, WILPF is very pleased to announce the launch of PeaceWomen’s new, expanded and revised mobile application on Women, Peace and Security.

iPad-and-iPhone-with-appThis app allows you to access updated information on the Women Peace and Security (WPS) agenda from anywhere and everywhere. Although it fits in the palm of your hand, this app acts as a powerful tool to monitor the international community’s progress on integrating gender into its laws and policies. By providing up-to-date information into app users hands, WILPF hopes to empower activists at all levels.

How Does it Work? 

The app is broken down into six sections: Why Women, Peace and Security, Security Council Implementation, Member States Implementation, Civil Society Implementation, WPS Resolutions and Statements, and Resource Centre.

The Security Council section of the app is based on PeaceWomen’s Women, Peace and Security Handbook 2012 with good practise language and recommendations on incorporating gender and women’s rights into the work of the United Nations Security Council. This section is designed particularly for Security Council negotiations.

In the Member States Implementation section, all National Action Plans are included along with recommendations on key components. The Civil Society Implementation section contains important notes on why civil society engagement is necessary and what key resources are available to enable strong and meaningful implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. The texts of all seven Women, Peace and Security resolutions (1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960, 2106 and 2122) are included for easy reference and use.

Highlights of the New App 

As the first app ever of its kind, PeaceWomen reaffirms our belief in the importance of innovative strategies to address challenges we face, including information gaps.

WPS_Icon_300px_transperantHighlights of this new mobile app include:

  • Full texts of the seven Women, Peace and Security Resolutions
  • Analysis and recommendations for Security Council work
  • Information and analysis of National Action Plans
  • Resources for and about civil society engagement and tools for action



PeaceWomen has designed this app to reach a broader audience and we encourage you to use it in your advocacy work relating to the Women, Peace and Security agenda!

Practical Details

The App will be available to download from the links below in October in time for the High-level Review of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and the 15th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325