5 August 1995

The 26th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, August 1-6, 1995 in Helsinki, Finland:

A hundred and thirty years of French colonization has ruined the Algerian identity.  The 30 years of one‐party rule that followed independence completely muzzled civilians through the use of education, justice, culture and the media. It brought an economic crash and favoured the rise of fundamentalism. The people now seek justice.

WILPF believes that a democratic debate is necessary to stop hatred of one party towards another. It calls for discussion among all concerned in this tragic crisis, especially with the Algerian feminist associations which struggle for the rights of women. Peace and freedom will only be won back through respect and dialogue.

WILPF salutes the Algerian people’s pacific resistance and expresses its support to progressive forces which are working for a solution to the crisis.

WILPF demands:

a) that murders carried out by the armed AGI (Groupe Armé Islamique) be stopped;

b) that government repression against citizens be stopped;

c) that freedom of the press, of expression, of the organization and the independence of justice be established;

d) that free and democratic legislative elections be held;

e) that there be equality of men and women before the law, that the Family Code be repealed;

f) that the IMF debt of 26 million dollars be repudiated without condition;

g) that the restrictions France imposes on the free movement of Algerian citizens, and that other European countries look favorably upon Algerians entering their countries;

h) that military and financial support from whatever source to armed groups be stopped;

i) that the alleged 36 thousand million private dollars obtained through corruption be given back to the Algerian people.

Action: WILPF sections to educate members on the above matters.