The 20th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 11-15 August, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan:

WILPF considers that among the most crucial tasks today is the elimination of racism and the racism domination of peoples, particularly in South Africa, Namibia and Southern Rhodesia.

The racist politics in South Africa and Southern Rhodesia, and the illegal occupation of Namibia by the Republic of South Africa constitute a grave danger to world peace.

WILPF fully supports the United Nations in its condemnation of the governments of South Africa and Southern Rhodesia and its call for a total isolation of these two racist regimes.

The 20th Congress of WILPF calls on all WILPF members and national sections to press their governments to comply with the decisions of the United Nations.

It urges its members to study the “Program of Action against Apartheid ” adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 November 1976 (Annex to Resolution 31/6) and to assist in every way its implementation. The 20th Congress of WILPF further calls on the Security Council to declare mandatory sanctions against South Africa and for the total application by all governments of such sanctions.

(See also the IEC resolution of July 1976)