Colonialism and Military Pacts

1 January 1971

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting at Congress at New Delhi, India, 28 December 1970 to 2 January 1971

Considering that

  • Colonialism is an absolute violation of the Charter of the United Nations and in direct contradiction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Portugal as a consequence of its NATO membership is offering the establishment of military bases for this alliance in its overseas dominions;
  • The membership of countries in such military blocs is weakening and impending the fulfillment of the United Nations;

Deeply concerned about

  • The risks of war, resulting from these facts:
  • The disregard shown for United Nations resolutions;
  • The human degradation taking place in so many places in the developing world;
  • The complicity in these facts, brought upon the citizens in all countries of NATO;

Urges in accordance with former Congress resolutions directed against forming military blocs, that WILPF Sections in the NATO countries press their governments to convene an international conference to discuss the dissolution of NATO and other military pacts and the establish systems of security based upon international guarantees under the authority of the United Nations.