Noting that the US is planning to install radar and interceptor sites for a new missile defence system in the Czech Republic and Poland; 

Aware that the pretext of placing this new system is the repelling of missiles from Iran and North Korea; 

Aware that the US plans provoke a new arms race between the US and Russia; 

Aware that the US plans will disrupt good relations between Europe and Russia; 

The 29th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting July 21-27, 2007 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

Strongly opposes all plans to construct missile defence systems whether this be in Europe or elsewhere; 

Calls upon governments to combat these US plans and any attempts to hide them under the mantle of NATO; 

Calls upon WILPF US and all European sections, including the Russian and Belarus sections, to work together and in cooperation with the Polish and Czech peace movements against this new and dangerous development.