1 January 1971

The 18th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 18 December, 1970-2 January, 1971 in New Delhi, India:

We must work to diminish the gap between the rich and the poor countries and between rich and poor in each country.

There is no substitute for self-help.  Each country should be enabled to use all its resources, including manpower, for the benefit of all its people.  This means effective employment, and the prevention of exploitation of the weak by the strong.  Foreign aid must be given with the understanding of the real needs of the recipients, and provisions must be made to ensure that it reaches those who need it.

Techniques used in industrialized countries may not be relevant.  Loans should be interest free and long term, and no form of aid should be tied.  The terms of trade should provide non-discriminatory preferential treatment for primary products.  The products of the developing countries should have free access to markets.