17 August 1949

The 11th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 15-19 August, 1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark:

The XIth International Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, assembled at Copenhagen from August 15-19, 1949,

Reaffirms its opposition to all forms of warfare.

Believing that military preparedness tends to lull the nations into a sense of false security, since there is no real defense against modern weapons of war, while prejudicing the atmosphere of reconciliation which is a necessary condition for the settlement of disputes, urges the nations cooperating through the United Nations:

a) to continue to seek agreement of outstanding problems around the conference table;

b) to advocate in the United Nations, as the only real safeguard of security, the systematic reduction of armaments in all member States, as proposed in the General Assembly, December 1946.  As a first step toward this end, the Congress recommends that all nations join in demanding that the consideration of disarmament be placed high on the agenda of the next session of the United Nations General Assembly Meeting, September 30, 1949, or, failing this, that a special session of the General Assembly be called to consider this plan;

c) To consider sympathetically and seriously any proposal along these lines put forward from any source;

d) To make persistent efforts to achieve the necessary minimum of agreement for control of the use of atomic energy, and the secure the prohibition of the preparation of all means of mass devastation, including atomic and biological weapons, together with the destruction of all existing stocks;

e) To secure the establishment of a Permanent Board of Mediation of the United Nations to operate in all disputes between member States, including all those about the program of general disarmament;

f) To urge the speedy establishment of a voluntary constabulary under the United Nations control and not composed of national units;

g) To overcome fear by extended functional cooperation and so to achieve the peace which the people of the world desire.