Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

WILPF International Executive Committee Meeting 2001 congratulates the East Timorese people on their triumph, in the face of savage oppression during the occupation and applaud their courage in casting their vote for independence, frequently at great personal cost.

WILPF calls on Indonesia

to cease forthwith all intimidation of the East Timorese hostages in West Timor and allow them safe passage to their homelands, without fear of threats or intimidation,

WILPF calls on all governments

to advocate for an adequate international mechanism to ensure that those who have committed war crimes in East Timor do not escape with impunity,

to end all forms of military support for and ties with the Indonesian military.

to stop the export of military goods, technology and training to Indonesia;

to cease issuing or honouring export permits for military material and refuse to participate in joint military exercise with Indonesia until all Indonesian military atrocities have ceased and those guilty of crimes against humanity have been tried.

WILPF supports the development of an economic system in East Timor opposed to economic exploitation, a system that is beneficial to the majority of the East Timorese people and that guarantees the protection of the environment in East Timor.

WILPF further supports an active role of the East Timorese in promoting civil education, including the development of the constitutional process, in particular in the lead up to the elections, supported but not controlled by UNTAET or other international agencies.

WILPF calls on UNTAET to ensure equitable and fair elections and that the elections be held free of repression and intimidation.

WILPF calls on the international community to guarantee full sovereignty to East Timor, including sovereignty over the resources in the Timor Gap.

WILPF supports the calls of the East Timorese women’s non-governmental community that in the forthcoming elections there should be a significant proportion of women candidates, and that at least 30% of the representatives in the new government should be women.