Economic Conversion

22 August 1980

The 21st Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 19-23 August, 1980 in Hamden, Connecticut:

To all Sections:

As members of an international women’s organization, we affirm the dignity of people and the dignity of work both inside and outside the home. Today, men and women are being driven by economic necessity to work in military industry and in the armed services. Work may be a double-edged sword, both creating instruments of death and killing or injuring workers and their families in the process. Changing this situation requires a cooperative approach by workers, management and community members.

Therefore it be resolved by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting in its 21st International Congress at Hamden, Connecticut, 19-23 August, 1980, that all sections should:

  1. Involve themselves and other groups in the peace conversion and economic democracy movements;
  2. Encourage the development of plans for individual plant and base conversion on the local level;
  3. Support national conversion legislation; and
  4. Create links among local, national and international conversion efforts.