The 17th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 18-24 August, 1968 in Nyborg Strand, Denmark:

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting at Congress, August 1968,

Convinced that the European military blocs of NATO and the Warsaw Pact ought to be dissolved, because they support a dangerous military terror balance which is not in conformity with the development of the world,

Agrees that the political aim ought instead to be an European security policy guaranteeing frontiers and sovereignty, leading to a dissolution of all Political blocs

Urges that the UN Guarantees of the neutrality of small countries would enable these more freely to work for a gradual disarmament.

Further it is felt that such a policy would increase the changes of a positive dialogue between the ideologies and stimulate a joint and positive collaboration with the developing countries so that this rapidly increasing global problem could be led into more constructive channels based on mutual confidence.