Human Rights Considerations of the so Called “War on Terrorism”

8 August 2004

The 28th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting 2–8 August 2004 in Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. Recalling WILPF long history on resistance to racism in various forms, starting at the WILPF Congress in 1932.
  2. Concerned about the current so-called “war on terrorism” and the subsequent implementation of internal security measures in a number of countries;
  3. Highlighting the detrimental effects these are having on Muslim and other ethnic communities, as well as asylum seekers and refugees, producing a backlash against them;
  4. Noting that the climate created has increased and fostered racism and xenophobia;
  5. Noting that this impacts all people’s civil liberties and feelings of security, as well as their social and economic well being;
  6. Whilst deploring all forms of terrorism,
  7. We request Sections to call on governments to take measures to counter the negative climate that has been created through the implementation of anti-terrorist measures.